Meet Your Teacher Videos

Welcome Back Parents and Students,

Click on the name of your teacher(s) to watch a brief introductory video.  We look forward to seeing you on the first day of school.

Middle School Teachers
Ms. Curry, Language Arts
Ms. Dossantos, Science
Dr. Johnson, Mathematics
Mr. Katutis, Mathematics
Ms. McNeil, Language Arts
Ms. Meier, Science
Dr. White, Staffing Specialist
Dr. Wilson, Social Studies
Dr. Zurek, Social Studies

High School Teachers
Ms. Ambrose, Science
Dr. Crump, Instructional Coach 
Ms. Daniels, Mathematics
Mr. Gonzalez, Social Studies
Ms. Harper, Language Arts
Ms. Harrison, Business Education
Ms. Mooring, Language Arts
Ms. Morales, Social Studies
Mr. Nicolas, Staffing Specialist
Ms. Persaud, Social Studies
Mr. Pineda, Science
Ms. Pla, 3-D Art
Ms. Precil, Language Arts
Ms. Rigsby, Language Arts
Ms. Shepherd, Mathematics
Mr. Smith, Science
Mr. Vargas, Mathematics
Ms. Walker, Mathematics
Ms. Woodard, Reading